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Why does the PNG PM say he wants BHP out of Ok Tedi?

Ok Tedi Mine waste pumped into the River system. ABC Photo
 BHP’s continued control is the largest con in PNG history.

 After killing one of the world’s most important rivers and subjecting hundreds of thousands of Western Province peoples to continuing environmental impacts, the company pledged to give back its shares in a form of penance. But with the cynicism of an older, colonial age, they never did this, and instead kept control of those ‘development’ 

BHP has constructed in PNGSDP the biggest pyramid scheme PNG has ever
seen.  BHP acknowledged responsibility for the single largest environmental disaster in the global history of mining. In compensation, they promised establish a trust for the impacted communities, and to leave this trust in the hands of Papua New Guinea. Ten years since, we find it has not.

So why is PNG Prime Minister so critical about getting rid of BHP?How does the PNG Government NOT control PNGSDP and OK Tedi ? 

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