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Solomon Islands Police on the hunter for looters

The Guadalcanal Provincial Police in Solomon Islands have arrested a man in relation to a looting incident, where equipment worth over SBD$3 million (US$420,000) were stolen.
The equipments were stolen from the Kitano'a Henderson Compound, East of Honiara over the weekend.

Police alleged that the incident occurred last Saturday afternoon when the company made about 90 workers redundant. Workers caused disturbances following the redundancies at the premises and the police was called to send the angry workers home.

However, in the evening, the angry mob armed with stones, sticks and iron bars stormed the compound and stole a generator, compressor, chain saw and damaged nine vehicles and other properties.

Police at Guadalcanal Police Provincial Headquarters at Henderson are continuing to investigate the matter with one suspect arrested over the weekend.

Police also issued a warning to the general public not to buy anything on the black market from the looters.

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