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Mill blast kills 4, several would in Papua New Guinea

FOUR workers have been killed an 11 others who are badly burnt have been admitted to Port Moresby General Hospital after a accident at the Veneer Mill at Panakawa in the Western Province about two weeks ago.
Port Moresby (Post Courier): The accident at one of the largest forestry concession areas in the country has been kept under wraps until it was revealed in Parliament last Friday.
Forest and Climate Change Minister Patrick Pruaitch has ordered an immediate investigation to be conducted by the National Forest Authority into the fatal accident at the mill that is part of Rimbunan Hijau’s forestry operations.
The accident was brought to light by Western Province Governor Ati Wobiro during Question Time in Parliament last Friday.
In his questions to the Forest Minister, Mr Wobiro said an accident at the Panakawa Veneer Mill destroyed properties and cost lives. 
He said three people died immediately, 12 were badly burnt and brought to the Port Moresby General Hospital and one eventually died. 
Mr Wobiro asked whether the minister was aware of the accident and what the ministry was doing to bring those responsible to justice.
Mr Pruaitch before answering the questions extended the condolence of the Government to those that had lost their lives in the accident.
“I am aware of this incident. I have asked the managing director of the PNG Forestry Service to investigate and give a detailed report to be tabled in the next session of Parliament.”
“I agree that any operators inside any forestry concessions in the country must make sure safety standards is maintained at all operations in the country and we will be taking appropriate measures to ensure that any operator who does not fulfill this requirements will be penalised.”
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