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PNG's Lae Biscuit Production Workers resume Work

 Two hundred production workers resumed work yesterday, following the announcement by the Papua New Guinea's  Lae Biscuit Company to shut down operations for two weeks.

That’s according to Chairman of Lae Biscutis, Ian Chow, to the media in Lae this morning.

In making the announcement of the resumption, Mr Chow says it has been 51 years of struggling to keep the manufacturing business afloat.

"The announcement is a wake up call from the business community to see if the government can help, because he says, the manufacturing industry, including Lae Biscuit is being unfairly treated with high operations costs," he said.

Mr Chow says the cost of diesel is high and cost of repair has doubled.

This, he says, is a result of unreliable power supply.

Mr Chow is now calling on the government to help the manufacturing industry with power supply.

He adds the Government should also consider credits on imports so that the supply chain cost currently be borne by the consumers, can be lowered.

He confirmed that the customs coding has increased and that is why prices of goods and services are reflecting the increase.

Mr Chow also called for strategic incentives for exports so that foreign exchange reserves can increase onshore.

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