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Teen shot dead over missing pig in PNG

A 15-year old girl was shot dead over a missing pig at Piagoanda village in the Hulia local level government area of Komo-Margarima district in Hela, Papua New Guinea, The National reports.
Provincial police commander acting Chief Supt Mark Yangen said yesterday that neighbouring clansmen had raided the girl’s village on Sunday after suspecting that someone from the village had stolen a pig from them.
Yangen said the owner of the pig and his clansmen blamed the girl’s clan although the clansmen strongly denied the accusation.
He said the owner of the pig and his men were not convinced and arrived armed with a home-made gun to raid the place at 8pm. Yangen said that the father of the deceased ran into the bush to save himself but the girl had remained in house.
Seven men entered and shot her point-blank.
He said the men got seven pigs and burnt down four houses before returning to their village.
Yangen said that police prevented what could have been a full-scale tribal war and were talking with the offenders’ clansmen to give up the seven men.
“The relatives of the deceased do not want to retaliate but want the seven men involved to surrender to the police immediately,” he said.
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