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Tourist Murder suspect flees in jail break in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby : A MAN suspected of killing a tourist was among a group of 22 inmates who escaped from a police station cell on Sunday, police say.
Simbu provincial police commander Superintendent Michael Welsh said they had arrested the suspect early this month and were awaiting his court case.
He is alleged to have killed Belgium national Tony Beddin and raped his wife in January 2011.
He was questioned over the killing of his own brother at Nondri village.
Police believed the breakout was an “inside job”.
They are questioning the officers who were on duty on Sunday night.
Welsh has instructed police station commander Chief Inspector Albert Beli to investigate the matter.
Welsh said it was the fourth breakout from the police station cell.
Police believe that the inmates opened the locks from inside the cell block and fled.
Welsh said the people of Simbu were worried because some of the escapees were convicted murderers and rapists and posed a security threat to the community.
Gumine station resident Mathew Dube said the breakouts were common because no action was taken the officers on duty during previous breakouts.
“It is a direct insult to hardworking police officers,” Dube said.
He claimed that some officers were being bribed to look the other way during the breakouts.
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