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Men attack pastor, family in PNG

THE principal of a Bible College in Port Moresby was attacked with his family by 10 armed men on Baruni Road while travelling to Gerehu.
Reverend Oala Arua from Porebada village on the Motu coastline is a United Church pastor and principal of the Metago Bible College.
He received six stitches on the head as a result of the attack. 
“We were on our way to the University of PNG and used the Baruni Road because of its good condition after the recent work done on it,” Arua said.
“As we came up to the hill before descending to where the Baruni dump is, five men appeared from the rear pointing home-made guns at us and started running after us.
“Another five were standing near the crest of the hill.
“I could have stopped and let them take whatever they wanted if I was by myself.
“But because I had my son and his family with me, I continued to drive on.
“When we were near the peak, one of the men threw a dagger towards my window.
It shattered it and the fragments struck my head causing a cut on my forehead.”
Arua said his son applied pressure on the wound while he tried to retain consciousness and navigate them out of there to a hospital.
He said they arrived safely at the St John’s Clinic in Gerehu where he received treatment. He later reported the matter to Gerehu police.
Arua suggested that police should conduct regular patrols on the Baruni road.
He said since the road was improved, villages along Porebada Road were using it to come to Port Moresby.

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