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No confidence vote in Marshalls

The Opposition in the Marshall Islands says it's planning a motion of no confidence in the President when parliament next sits.
Head of the Opposition Group, Jaluit Senator Alvin Jacklick has told the Editor of the Marshall Islands Journal Newspaper, Giff Johnson all members of the Opposition support the decision to cast a vote of no confidence against President Christopher Loeak.
Johnson has told Pacific Beat the vote of no confidence in President Christopher Loeak is something the Opposition has been considering for some time.
“They are concerned about the Marshall Islands' Governments relations with both Taiwan and the United States in recent months under President Loeak's administration and issues that have surfaced there in particular,” he said.
The Marshall Islands Journal Newspaper reports Jaluit Senator, Alvin Jacklick has criticised the government for escorting a senior Taiwanese diplomat from a post Pacific Island forum meeting in Majuro last month after a request from China.
PACNEWS last month reported the Marshall Islands Foreign Affairs Minister agreed to China's request.
Senator Jacklick has told the newspaper he is surprised China was allowed to dictate to the Marshall Islands government.
He said following China's request was an invasion of the Marshall Islands' sovereignty and it was also amazing that a Taiwanese diplomat was ejected from the International Conference Centre, which Taiwan has paid for.
“That's so un-Marshallese,” he said.
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