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Solomon Islands Civil society demand Prime Minister Gordon Lilo to step down

Solomon Islands PM, Gordon Lilo
CIVIL society groups say their call for Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo to resign still stands.

In a press conference on Friday, chairman of the Joint Civil Society Group Barnabas Henson they are still working on the petition that would call on Mr Lilo to step down.

He said the petition will be presented with a body of hard evidence.

“The allegations against Mr Lilo have tarnished the integrity of the highest political office of the land,” Mr Henson added.

He said they will conduct a public forum to get people’s view on the petition. They will also send the petition to the provinces for signatures before it is presented to the prime minister.

Mr Henson claimed there has been a wider public concern about the way Mr Lilo is leading the country.

 “It is evident in front of our naked eyes that pressing issues such as poor delivery of health service has not been addressed.

“This government boasts about producing a credible budget but what is a credible budget when health services are declining and student allowances are not paid?

 “People just live because they naturally live; as such this government has failed to better address the issues of our very own referral hospital.”

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