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Samoa conservation society established

A new environmental organisation, the Samoa Conservation Society, has been set up to help increase awareness, and protection, of habitats unique to Samoa.
The president of the Samoa Conservation Society, Tofilau Tepa Suaesi, says there are areas of habitat, plants and birds, that are endemic to Samoa.
He says communities need help to understand what they have, and how to go about conserving those resources while also supporting their livelihoods.
“Because in the same area that you are trying to conserve, maybe you depend on for your fisheries, for your wildlife, for your food, for your medicine, traditional medicine, that you are trying to conserve. So it’s having some research that will help you understand how best to go about doing this.”
Tofilau Tepa Suaesi says the Samoa Conservation Society’s work will compliment and add value to the work being done by other environmental NGOs.

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