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Peaceful PNG still a dream

AFTER 38 years of independence, the country still depends on a foreign authority to solve its law and order problem, according to Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat.
He told the people during independence celebrations at Rabaul Yacht Club on Monday that the country still had serious law and order issues which it could not solve.
“A number of conclusions can be made from this,” he said.
“First, we cannot think right and clearly and so we are not fit to lead the nation because everything rise and fall on leadership.
“Secondly, since we are not fit to lead nation, we do not know completely or partially to resolve law and order problems.
“Thirdly, our mental capabilities accept defeat at the hands of the law and order problems and we become dependent on foreign control and authority.
“Fourthly, we accept that we can never be independent because we are a failure no matter what little good we may have achieved.”
He said during the past 38 years, various governments had topped up the rate of development progress and achievements.
“But that has only been half the truth,” he said.
“The other half of the truth is the negative ethical undercurrent belying the little games we have attained in the last 38 years which include uncontrolled population growth, misdirected application of funds for the production of specialist quality in human resources output, law and order issues and corruption generally.”
Marat said PNG had matured but still lacked wisdom “because if everybody is wise, the negative ethical undercurrents will be greatly reduced and the rate of development progress would greatly surpass the growth rate of all negative undercurrents”.

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