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Indonesia accused of buying Solomons vote over trip

Indonesia is being accused of buying the support of Solomon Islands over the prime minister Gordon Darcy Lilo’s recent trip to that country.
Mr Lilo has faced strong criticism from civil society groups and others for not giving concrete reasons for the trip, which he says Indonesia has funded, as well for the size of the delegation he took with him.
The interim head of the Joint Civil Society Group says Solomon Islands has no formalised bilateral agreement with Indonesia but his group has documents showing Mr Lilo has issued invitations to Indonesian investors.
Barnabas Henson says it appears Indonesia is trying to buy support for its stance on West Papua.
“Indonesia has had a long record of human rights abuses in West Papua and so that is one issue I can assure you that the country is not with the prime minister on.”
Barnabas Henson says his group is finalising a people’s petition calling on Gordon Darcy Lilo to resign.

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