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Former Fiji pension fund manager sentenced to 26 months’ prison

A former manager of Fiji’s pension fund has been sentenced to a 26-month jail term in the Fiji High Court.
Foana Nemani was found guilty of extortion by a public officer and abuse of authority on Wednesday, for authorising payments to herself and the then CEO of the fund, Olota Rokovunisei.
Rokovunisei accepted $12 000 US dollars and Nemani paid herself $14,000 US dollars, in 2006.
Nemani, who lives in New Zealand, did not return for the trial.
Our correspondent Ricardo Morris says Justice Janaka Bandara ruled the only mitigating factor was that it was a first-time offence.
“He said that Nemani had a fiduciary duty and she broke the faith of her employers and indicated that irrespective of the amount of money she was accused of obtaining inappropriately, the corrosive effect of her actions in undermining the public trust warranted a custodial sentence.”
Ricardo Morris says the court has issued an arrest warrant for Nemani and her sentence will begin as soon as she is apprehended.

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