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A Head master in Solomon Islands jailed for sexually abusing students

A school head master has been sentenced to a total of two years imprisonment yesterday for sexually assaulting his school students.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika however suspended 12 months jail term as a result of the long delay in the case and of the remorse by the accused, and the remorse shown by the accused.

This means the 46-year-old father of three and grand-dad to three grand children will only serve 12 months in prison.

The accused who is from Western Province committed the offence to girls’ ages between six years to 13 years in 2008 on various occasions at the primary school in Western province.

He was found guilty after a trial that was conducted at Seghe during a court circuit.

It was heard that at the time of the offending, he was the head master and also a school teacher at the school.

Most of the young victims are students in his class.

Magistrate Seuika said that although a reconciliation has been made between the accused and the complainants, the court have a duty to protect the public interest.

“That is, to show the disapproval of the public as a whole and its concern that the innocent members of the community are not to be subjected to such actions.

“The efforts you have taken abroad are purposely to repair the tense of the situation among you and the other members of your community in respect of you actions,” Magistrate Seuika said.

The court also heard as prosecution submitted on the delay of the case, that the matter was reported to police in 2009, in which an inquiry file was open for investigations.

“The matter was reported to police via VHF radio to Munda police and the file was then transferred to Seghe police for further investigations.

“After a long year of waiting, the complainants’ parents made an inquiry and complained against their case have never been dealt with by the police in any reasonable time.

“The file was then recalled to Gizo police and PPC at Western Province then made directives in which the matter came to light, that is when other victims came forward and gave their story of what happened to them in 2008 and 2009 at the primary school.”

The court heard that again, this year the accused was charged with additional charges of indecent assault.

Philip Tegavota of PT Legal Service represented the accused while Galvin Ora of Police Prosecution Service represented the police.

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