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Man Sentenced to Good Behaviour Bond for Assaulting Ambulance Driver in Papua New Guinea

 In a recent ruling in Papua New Guinea, the National Court has handed down a sentence of a five-year good behaviour bond to a 40-year-old man for assaulting an ambulance driver at Kwikila Health Centre in Central Province. Joseph Isoaimo, hailing from Rigo in Central Province, received the lenient sentence from Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika due to extenuating circumstances surrounding the case.

The incident, which occurred a year ago, saw Isoaimo severing the arm of ambulance driver Peter Nicolas. The Chief Justice explained that Isoaimo's actions were provoked by the persistent adulterous affair between Nicolas and Isoaimo's wife.

"In Tok Pisin, we would say ‘Yu painim na yu kisim’ (You look for it and you got it)," Sir Gibbs remarked. "Isoaimo found out about the affair and attempted to resolve the matter civilly by confronting Nicholas and his wife. However, Nicholas continued to pursue the affair, even going to lengths to provoke jealousy in Isoaimo, which ultimately led to the violent act."

The court learned that Isoaimo and his wife, both community health workers at Kwikila Health Centre, have been married for 17 years and have four children. Recognizing the impact a prison sentence would have on Isoaimo's employment and family, Sir Gibbs opted for a good behaviour bond.

"While I do not condone Isoaimo's actions, it's clear that he was driven to them by the persistent provocations and the failure of authorities to address the situation," Sir Gibbs stated. "One should not take the law into their own hands, but in this case, Isoaimo had exhausted other avenues of resolution."

Sir Gibbs emphasized that reporting the matter to the police had yielded no results, and Nicholas's continued pursuit of the affair despite Isoaimo's attempts to resolve it peacefully further escalated the situation.

"In sentencing Isoaimo to a good behaviour bond, I hope he understands the gravity of his actions and seeks more constructive means of resolving conflicts in the future," Sir Gibbs concluded.

The court proceedings shed light on the complexities of personal disputes and the challenges of addressing them within legal frameworks in Papua New Guinea. Despite the outcome, the case underscores the importance of effective intervention and resolution mechanisms in preventing such tragic incidents.

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