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Father jailed for rape in the Solomon Islands

THE Temotu father who was found guilty after a trial for raping his adopted daughter has been sentenced to a total of three years and six months imprisonment, Solomon Star reports 
Justice Francis Mwanesalua handed down his sentence, yesterday in the High Court.
The 51-year-old father stood trial for eight counts of rape but was found guilty of three counts.
Justice Mwanesalua when handing down his sentence said rape is a very serious offence and carries the maximum penalty of life imprisonment.
He said the serious feature of this particular case is the age disparity between the accused and the victim.
The victim was 11 years of age when the first incident occurred at their White River home in 2008.
The second incident occurred on the following year whilst the later occurred 2012 at Henderson, East of Honiara.
The court heard that the accused and his wife adopted the victim since birth.
Justice Mwanesalua said the accused raped the victim on three occasions in the family room regarded as sanctuary to which the victim supposed to feel secure.
He however also takes into account the delay in the case, in which police delayed in taking the accused to court.
He added that despite the victim’s evidence that she felt pain in her private body part during the rape incidents, there was no evidence that she suffered physically and emotionally.
The father was represented by Anderson Kesaka of Public Solicitor's Office while Crown Prosecutor Nelson Dhita is representing the State.
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