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Country Manager for Nautilus Minerals, Mel Togolo gave his assurance that Deep Sea Mining, Solwara 1 Project, will not be a threat to Tuna Species.

“With our production system, it will have minimum impact on the marine life especially on Tuna and other pelagic species,” says Togolo.
“What we’ll do is that we’ll have an enclosed system so that the ore that comes out is piped through enclosed pipe system and it goes up to the vessel. The ore will not be in direct contact with the surrounding waters because it is inside the pipe,” explained Togolo.

His comments come after concerns raised by the Madang Governor Jim Kas on the impacts of the project on marine life, during the regional tuna forum in the Honiara Solomon Islands.

Madang Governor Jim Kas says the consequences of the project on the marine life and on humans must be better understood.

In the meantime, it is understood that there are no clear policies on seabed mining in the country.

Managing Director of the National Fisheries Authority, Sylvester Pokajam wants the government to seriously look into this.

He says the National Fisheries Authority is not against seabed mining.

“There is nothing wrong with seabed mining; however, we must have appropriate laws, regulations and policies emplaced before they start mining,” said Pokajam.

Nautilus will drill at 1, 600 feet below sea level, well below the 400 feet where all marine life including tuna exists.

Mr. Togolo says there will be no blasting and no deep sea tailings.

He says Nautilus is concerned about the marine life and plans to work closely with the national fisheries authority to find sustainable ways of protecting the tuna industry.

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