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Polygamy a primitive culture in PNG

POLYGAMY is a primitive culture and should not be practised in modern times, a magistrate said last Friday.
Lae District Court magistrate Nasaling Bingtau said this when presiding over an assault case involving two women.
Both are married to the same man.
Glenda Furewe, the accused, was taken to court by the second wife of her husband because Furewe bit her nose and hand.
The incident happened on Sept, 24, at a settlement on the backroad area in Lae, Morobe.
It happened after Furewe took her husband to the village court to pay maintenance for her child.
The second wife told Furewe that her child was a “bastard” and that the court papers she had served the pair would be used as a toilet tissue.
This had angered the accused who attacked the second wife.
“Polygamous marriages should be stopped,” Bingtau said.
“Polygamous marriages have created a lot of problems already.
“Children born from polygamous relationships become lawless and contribute to a lot of problems in our country.”
Bingtau fined Furewe K100 and told her not to take the law into her hands in future.
He, however, said if her husband and his new wife did the same thing to her again, she should go to court and it will deal with them appropriately.
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