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Help Port Moresby grow : Governor Parkop

Port Moresby, PNG
NATIONAL Capital District Governor Powes Parkop has urged the residents of Port Moresby to respect the city as their home and help it grow.
He told a group of people in the Moresby South electorate last Thursday that his goal, vision and target was to make Port Moresby a model city for the country.
“Port Moresby must be the nation’s capital city where we set standards and inspire the people of this nation.”
“It must be seen as a picture that can be photocopied by rest of the country,” Parkop said.
“We have to get it right to become the nation’s capital and must have good leadership, quality service and the infrastructure must be the best. 
“The condition of our people must be the best, law and order must be improved so that others can follow and change the whole country.”
Parkop said people from around the Pacific would be in Port Moresby in 2015.
He said people must take ownership of the city and keep it clean.
Parkop said ownership was the biggest challenge because without it, it did not matter whether K50 million, K100 million or even K1 billion was spent on keeping the city clean.
He said it was the reason he was pushing for the banning of buai.
“You are just using the city to get employment and a better life and you turn around and spit buai and spoil the city and violate it,” Parkop said.
“You use the city to sell buai and then you chew and spit it out again. 
“Until the city shows ownership and cleans up the streets, I will not allow the sale of buai. 
“If that does not happen, the ban will continue. 
“You can complain to the Prime Minister and stage a protest on the banning of buai.
“But remember, the Prime Minister looks after the country and I look after the city,” he said.
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